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Why Your Dental Facility Must Always Be Kept Perfectly Clean

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   July 23, 2021

Like other healthcare facilities, dental clinics must always be kept perfectly clean. Without proper hygiene, dental clinics could unconsciously be turning away patients & employees – and even put those people’s health at risk.

Patients may head elsewhere for their dental care if a dental office doesn’t show a dedication to keeping the space clean & safe. Those patients may share negative reviews online –which can really damage your reputation.

So instead of taking a careless approach, dental practice owners and managers must consider professional health care cleaning in Morgan Hill to maintain a cleaner dental practice.

Infection control in dental practices:

If your dental practice doesn’t pay close attention to cleanliness, then there is an increased risk of people in the clinic being exposed to infections from bloodborne pathogens.

All equipment & working surfaces that have been contacted by saliva, blood, or other materials that are possibly contagious must be cleaned & disinfected.

Correct disinfectants need to be used when a procedure has been done or a potentially contagious material has spilled.

Safely clean chemical spills:

Chemical spills are the most common event in dental clinics. Hazardous chemicals must be cleaned quickly and properly so that a safe environment inside the facility can be maintained.

Clean equipment & surface areas:

Ensure to clean handles, light switches, and levers that may also be regularly in contact with patients & office staff.

Another surface that must always need to be kept clean is anything considered a housekeeping surface. This would include walls, floors, and sinks. Though not always in contact with patients, there’s still the possibility that certain materials of concern could come into contact with these surfaces, so they needed to be cleaned cautiously like any other surface on the cleaning checklist.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule to ensure your office decreases the possibility of employees and patients coming into contact with contagious material. The clean appearance could help boost patients’ impression of your practice, as well.

Here at Terra Clean, our Medical Cleaning in Morgan Hill also covers dental facility cleaning which is backed by our 20 years of experience. We meticulously clean & disinfect areas like waiting rooms, reception desks, restrooms, and diagnostic areas to provide a healthy environment that patients feel welcomed and safe in. if you want to take advantage of our healthcare cleaning in Morgan Hill, feel free to reach us now!

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