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Top 3 Germiest Areas in Your Offices That Need Regular Cleaning

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In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   March 9, 2023

These days, offices all over the world are spending more time cleaning areas around their facilities. With the risk of COVID-19 is still there, it’s essential to ensure that no surface in your office is left unattended. However, for employees or managers, it can be an overwhelming task to stay liable for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation around the office. In fact, there’re many overlooked areas inside most workplaces that mightn’t be cleaned properly at all!

Break rooms:

Since break rooms are high traffic and high-touch areas in any office, it is no surprise that these areas can be the germiest places in a workplace. While it might look obvious that break rooms require regular cleaning & sanitation, there’re surfaces within these areas that might be neglected accidentally. Surfaces such as break room sink faucets & handles, microwave & refrigerator door handle as well as any cabinet handles may not be cleaned deeply enough.

Lobby/entrance areas:

The lobby/entrance area of an office is yet another high-traffic area that is often overlooked. It might look understandable that these sites can be some of the germiest spaces inside the workplace due to the in & out traffic. Places such as water fountains, water dispensers and things that are high traffic and high touch are more likely to house a high amount of germ. These regions need to be wiped down regularly and disinfection also needs to be prioritized.

Conference rooms:

Conference rooms are shared areas in an office that can be utilized by multiple groups of workers. Usually, these are employed as meeting rooms for presentations, however, group meetings might also happen in these rooms and involve snacks/meals. In these conference rooms, there might be jugs of water and water glasses out for use as well. It’s critical to not just clean & disinfect the shared glasses and jugs, but also clean and sanitize surfaces, presentation tools, and any phones within conference halls as well.

Once you find out the germiest spots in your workplace, you & your office manager can plan the best cleaning schedule for the areas. The most workplace should schedule routine daily cleaning alongside more detailed office cleaning in Morgan Hill periodically.

Here at Terra Cleaning, we can offer daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleaning schedules to provide more detailed cleaning to the germiest spots in your office. Call us now to know more about our professional office cleaning in Morgan Hilland its charges. 

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