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Janitorial Services in Morgan Hill 


Terra Janitorial Services

Terra Janitoria’s janitorial expertise is reliable and dependable in providing the best in line professional janitorial cleaning solutions to all kinds of businesses and sectors. We work in the most effective manner and consider each task as our own. Terra Janitorial’s work is highly secure and eco-friendly, allowing it to excel in rendering all of the services mentioned below. Anyone can engage with Terra Janitorial to provide top notch janitorial services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or even on a yearly basis.


Terra Cleaning Services pays attention to the details to make your business stand out. We focus on the big and small areas to provide a thorough cleaning. In addition to regular janitorial services, we offer second and third shift cleanings, day porting services, special event setup / cleanup, specialized recycling programs and more.

The appearance of your office speaks volumes as to the quality of your business. Terra Cleaning Services professional janitorial services safeguard your business reputation. Our attention to detail leaves nothing untouched. Our typical nightly office cleaning specifications:
  • Dust all office furniture, and leave paperwork on desks untouched
  • Empty wastebaskets, wipe exteriors, and install liners, if necessary
  • Remove all refuse, and place in the designated disposal area
  • Adhere to the building recycling policy
  • Clean, polish and disinfect drinking fountains / water coolers and sinks
  • Remove fingerprints and smudges from all wall surfaces, switch plates, and glass partitions
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Dust mop, sweep and damp mop floors as is appropriate
  • Vacuum and brush all walk-off mats
  • Return chairs and wastebaskets to their proper positions
  • Clean and vacuum conference room
  • Spot clean the entry glass doors


Gyms and fitness centers require special, daily cleaning to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. High contact touch points — such as weights and fitness equipment — can foster the growth of illness-causing germs. Terra Maintenance provides professional janitorial solutions to keep your members healthy. We provide consistent cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces and surfaces that come into contact with people’s bare skin and sweat each day. We disinfect all equipment, mirrors and common areas, including water stations. Locker room floors, shower stalls and restrooms receive the highest level of attention because we know that cleanliness is a consideration for your members to renew each month.

Production | Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial facilities are a mix of many types of areas, such as offices, cafeterias, labs, childcare, loading docks, storage, equipment rooms and restrooms – in addition to the manufacturing or assembly areas. Terra Cleaning Services takes care of the entire facility by modifying our cleaning approach specific to each area to maintain cleanliness standards. Some areas require a lot of regular cleaning, and others do not. We will work with you to develop a plan for each aspect of your business, front and back of house. Terra Cleaning Services has extensive experience working with and around production staff and equipment, and can provide janitorial and maintenance crews for any shifts. Whether you need regular and routine schedules, or to gear up for a particular event or season, we are there to help ensure your facility is constantly running at peak efficiency.

Medical | Dental Offices

Healthcare facilities have special needs for cleanliness. Terra Maintenance are capable of handling biological material disposal, special cleanliness requirements, and areas that require unique attention. We have specially trained teams for medical suites, dental offices and surgical centers, focusing on daily disinfecting of exam room floors, tables, sinks and patient restrooms in addition to leaving reception areas spotless. Terra Cleaning Services follows all regulations established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for mitigating the spread of disease. We pay special attention to mops, cleaning cloths, and buckets. These items are to be cleaned every day, and sometimes after each use. Most medical facilities are cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths and flat mops, as there is less chance of cross-contamination.

Office Buildings and Bank

Terra Cleaning Services provides expert janitorial services for office buildings, business parks and small businesses. Whether you manage a small administrative office or large office building, we have an office cleaning service and solution to suit your needs. We take pressure off your office manager or administration staff by handling all the office cleaning needs of your business. We also work with commercial property managers throughout the entire Bay Area to provide janitorial service to entire office buildings. Accommodating the different needs and requirements of individual tenants, as well as their varying security measures is of the utmost importance.

High Tech Facilities

Terra Cleaning Services handles all types of high-tech and biotech facilities, bringing our extensive experience and comprehensive quality control procedures to ensure that your facility is well-maintained, clean, and as efficient as possible. Technology firms operate under some of the strictest regulations in any industry. Your janitorial company must understand how to operate within this environment so that you can minimize your risks while keeping your facility operating at peak efficiency. Whether you have standard lab rooms or Class 10k clean rooms, Terra Cleaning Services can handle all of your needs

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