facebook Want to Learn Some Green Home Cleaning Tips? Read Here

Want to Learn Some Green Home Cleaning Tips? Read Here

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   February 27, 2018

Keeping your home sanitized and presentable can sometimes be a daunting task. No matter how much you finish, there is always something more to do with cleaning. Not to mention, most of us don’t have enough of time for such day to day cleaning tasks. But don’t worry! This time we come with few simple, highly effective and completely green cleaning tips which will definitely make your household tasks much simpler, easier, less time consuming and most of all environment friendly.

Polished Furniture

Who doesn’t love dazzling, great looking furniture in their house!!! But, most of the furniture polishing we use contains petroleum solvents and distillates which are highly hazardous for your family as well as environment. To effectively polish your wooden furniture, mix two part of olive oil with one part of lemon juice and use it as your green furniture polishing purpose instead of those harmful chemicals. This solvent will also save your wooden furniture for many years next to come.

Avoid Chemical Dry Cleaners

Conventional dry cleaners contain Perchloroethylene and Perc, which are toxic to both humans and Green Earth. They also create harmful smog. Always purchase cleaners that use green methods. Even you take clothes to conventional cleaners, air them outside for few hours before putting them in closet or wearing them.

Clean Fireplace Effectively

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace? Got smoke smudges and soot gather around its exterior? Well, you can easily get rid of it by applying a mix of cream of tartar and water, Rub the paste well into the stains, leave it to dry and then scrub it off to see the amazing results. If you see soot buildup inside your fireplace, don’t forget to throw a handful of salt inside your fireplace next time you enjoy it. It will loosen up the soot buildup and help you clean it better.

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