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Tips To Clean Stove Tops Like A Professional

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   November 14, 2019

Is it hard to clean a stove top? The answer is no if you know the correct procedure of stove tops cleaning. The problem is a lot of people don’t follow the right steps & safety measures when trying to clean their brittle & greasy stove tops, which result in poor results. We have a chat with a professional cleaning company about what they do when they get hired for such cleaning tasks.

First take away loose foods and debris from the surface of your stove top:

The 1st thing you need to do is bring a microfiber soaked with water. Then wipe the stove top to eliminate all the loose foods & debris accumulated there. Always ensure the stove top is cool to touch.

Take out crusty trapped foods & heavy dirt:

Use a basic kitchen degrease on your stove top to break down the trapped foods. We discover that making use of a tablespoon of dish soap in a 16oz spray bottles works wonderfully as a stove top cleaner. You can adjust your dilution ratio of water and Dish Soap relying on the cleaning work.

Bring your razor blade scraper and use it gently to take off foods and remains. The soapy water offers a dicey surface & don’t allow the blade to scratch the glass cooktop.

Carry on with this until all the food particles are abolished, and then give it a plain water rinse. Don’t forget to give the control knobs and other stove surfaces a wipe.

Add a superb finishing touch to your stove top by polishing it. You can use a small volume of cook-top cleaner & wipe the surface uniformly with the help of a wet microfiber fabric. This will make the surface to look shiny. Don’t rinse, instead dry with the help of a clean glass towel.

Why we clean stove tops this way:

By spraying dish soap on a cook top surface, we break down grease and offer dicey surface which will not let the razor blade to be scratched. Dish soap is absolutely affordable, safe and effective. The best thing is you’ve the luxury to adjust the dilution proportion for different situations. A plain water rinse in the end takes off excess chemicals, decreases smudges, and leaves the best shine. You can try both dry towels & microfiber glass towels to find out what works best for your stove top. For more details visit here – https://terracleaning.net/

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