facebook The Checklist for Vacation Rental Cleaning in Salinas, CA

The Checklist for Vacation Rental Cleaning in Salinas, CA

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Do you have a vacation rental in Salinas, CA? Want to give the comfort and a warm feel to your guests? Maintaining your vacation rental is very important as it will define whether your guests will like it or not. A checklist for vacation rental cleaning in Salinas, CA includes some serious planning to maximize efficient.

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You can roll up your sleeves and do the cleaning yourself. But hiring a vacation cleaning in Salinas, CA makes sense. They will provide your vacation rental a thorough cleaning and sprucing up before you’ve back-to-back guests at least once a year.

Your vacation rental deserves a little pampering every now and then. Even, your guests will notice that you’ve taken enough time and effort to keep your property fresh, clean, and inviting.

Get rid of the old

Give your vacation rental a once over and check if anything stands out as dated, junky, or worn out. Take time to discard any broken or worn items and replace where necessary. You may not think minor things a big deal, but they are in reality. Your guests will appreciate the little touch and that can make a really big difference during their stay.

While cleaning your vacation rental, you should de-clutter or remove any unnecessary items. The fewer things mean more openness, more space, and much cleaner look. Look for the items that are not necessary to the function of the room and consider removing them.

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Top to bottom cleaning

Top to bottom cleaning is the same that sound. Start from cleaning the ceilings and work down. You’re less likely to overlook something as you will clean everything systematically. You’ll clean in a way where the dust settled downward, making it an easy and efficient way to accomplish your goals.

Most of the dust particles will end up on the floor at the end of your cleaning sweep; so just vacuum what remains! While cleaning from the top to the bottom, give a good thorough dusting and cleaning to ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.

Clean the surface

Clean each and every aspect of your vacation rental that has a surface. Even if it looks clean, you should take the time to wipe down and give a little time as well as attention. This way, you will be able to work faster and won’t miss out any spots or areas that need additional attention.

Clean up the appliances

The appliances deserve some care before the busy vacation rental season steps in. Give each of them a nice and deep clean. Start cleaning of the refrigerator and wash down the inside drawers and shelving.

  • Use some baking soda to freshen up the fridge. You shouldn’t forget to de-grime and degrease the outside, especially the top. Vacuum the coils thoroughly.
  • Clean the microwave meticulously from inside and out.
  • Clean the coffeemaker and run a vinegar-water solution through it.
  • Run the cleaning cycle in your dishwasher and oven.
  • Wipe dryer and washer exteriors, clean the detergent compartments and lint traps.
  • Vacuum the back side of the appliances.

Clean Carpets, Upholstery thoroughly

This is the right time to hire professional vacation rental cleaning in Salinas, CA to do the cleaning thoroughly. You just remove furniture cushions, vacuum underneath them, and in the cracks and crevices. Take the cushions outside and beat them using your hand gently to remove dust particles.

Getting Your Vacation Rental Cleaned Professionally

Obviously, you’re not going to accomplish all of these cleaning tasks in a day; so prepare a plan to spend a few days making time for cleaning each element. You just roll up your sleeves, wear rubber gloves, and take help from your family or friends.

Otherwise, schedule professional vacation cleaning in Salinas, CA at Terra Cleaning Services. Before you know, your vacation rental will sparkle and shine, while being available for the peak season!

Did we miss anything? What else do you want to do to make your vacation rental the best as it can be and ready for the busy season? Please share your views in the comment section below or our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus social networks!

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