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Let’s Make a Clean Resolution to Welcome 2018

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In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   December 18, 2017

Hey guys!!! New Year is right on our heads, which means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Well, if we are not wrong, it’s just like another tradition for us to make a New Year’s resolution which may or may not be filled by us later. But, what about before the New Year? Holiday season is continuing and you definitely have a house full of guests for sure, which further leads to a completely messed up house further.

Neither you nor anyone else really desire to spend their holidays in an upside down, completely messed up or dirty house and welcome a New Year. So, what to do? Where to start? When to start? Let us help you then. All you need is a little professional guidance and few pairs of expert hands if you don’t have enough time or think it’s little too much for you to handle singlehandedly.

Start with Small

Most of us either don’t get enough time in holidays or not interested to spend a lot of precious time in house cleaning. So, it would be a great idea to start with small tasks which you can easily handle investing few minutes of your time. Remember, if not taken care, most of these small tasks will be a big headache for cleaning in just next few days. So, it’s always a best idea to start early to make a grand welcome to upcoming New Year 2018.

  • Clean up your beds, curtains
  • Put all your dirty clothes to laundry
  • Make sure to wipe down all bathroom counters, down sinks and kitchen counters
  • Wash all the dishes every day, don’t make a pile of it
  • Do vacuuming in small areas
  • Pick up small and random items such as toys and other clutter in different rooms

Time for Weekly

Well, weekly cleaning chores are a little bit more complex than the daily ones. So, you may need a little more time to complete this than the daily tasks.

  • Clean all your electronic appliances such as grinders, oven, dish washer, fridge, oven and others
  • Deep clean stove handles, kitchen countertops, and other small surfaces that you use regularly
  • Dusting for furniture
  • Toilet and bathroom cleanup
  • Deep vacuuming
  • Kitchen floor mopping

Finally the Big Task

The monthly cleaning chores will definitely take lots and lots of your precious time. Time and power investing house cleaning chores such as, dusting, after renovation cleaning, deep vacuuming underneath rugs, floor washing and other difficult cleaning tasks will take like forever of your time and you definitely don’t want to miss your relaxing days while deep cleaning.

So, just hire the well-trained, experienced, insured and friendly cleaning services of Terra Cleaning. Give us a call at 408.779.4368 and welcome 2018 with a crystal clean and complete hygiene house.

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