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Kitchen Cabinets – How to Clean Them

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   October 30, 2019

Cabinets are often overlooked when it comes to kitchen cleaning. You spend many hours keeping up with the never ending flow of dirty dishes & wiping down counters. How kitchen cabinets are supposed to be cleaned?

Unlike stove and microwave, you don’t use the cabinets. You use what is at the back of the cabinets. The cabinets are an addendum that can accumulate grease, dirt, germs as our hands quickly throw them open & shut.

Advice regarding how to clean kitchen cabinets will differ according to the material. Wood, painted, and laminate cabinets all need diverse methods.

Health risks of filthy cabinets:

Research shows that kitchens accumulate more germ than bathrooms. Counters, sponges, sinks, and partly cleaned dishes contribute. But cabinets are also an infected offender.

We usually forget to clean our cabinets. We toss them open & push them shut with hands filthy from food preparation or dishes. The bacteria that we fear & the bacteria that subsist are dissimilar.

Know how to clean kitchen cabinets:

Keep your kitchen from spreading dirt & germs by cleaning the kitchen cabinets. Most house cleaning service these days provides different kitchen services, including cabinets. If you’re not certain how to clean kitchen cabinets, look for a professional service provider of house cleaning near Seaside, CA who can take care of your kitchen cabinet.


Use an all purpose cleaner for laminate cabinets. Finish with an anti-bacterial cleaner.


Wood cabinets can have waxes or stains that may get damaged over time by inappropriate cabinet cleaning. To restore the shine make use of a basic soap & oil wood cleaning product. Wipe down & dry properly so that water does not leak into the wood.

Protect wood cabinets on the stove from steam by cleaning them more frequently than other cabinets. Frequent contact to steam can start to wrap the wood & dent the finish.


Painted cabinets are wood based. Excessive water can distort the wood & break the paint. The cabinet can bear a decent amount of scrubbing if the paint is oil based.

Hiring a professional cleaning service:

Cabinets need daily cleaning with the proper tools. Appointing a pro cleaning unit has several advantages. Pro cleaners have the correct tools for the job. They’ll clean your cabinets correctly & often prevent long-term damage.

Damaging your cabinets with unskilled cleaning means you will pay more in the long run for renovations. So, you better hire a cleaning service like Terra Cleaning for your kitchen cabinet cleaning.

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