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How Often Do I Need To Strip and Wax My Commercial Floor

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   February 1, 2022

At Terra Cleaning, we’re passionate about offering our clients the finest cleaning services available in Morgan Hill. We’re persistently looking for new ways to offer you an improved cleaning job. One of the services we provide is floor stripping and waxing services in Morgan Hill.

Floor stripping and waxing is a procedure that involves totally taking out the exiting layer of wax & applying a new layer that’ll make your floor appear clean & glossy. It’s most widely performed on linoleum, vinyl, acrylic, and epoxy flooring to keep the floors from looking dirty, dull, and scratched.

How often do floor stripping and waxing need to be done?

As a leading cleaning service that provides floor waxing services in Morgan Hill, we have been asked this query quite regularly. The answer most providers give is 5-6 months. However, a few variables can affect our recommendation, and this impacts how much you pay. Here is what you should know regarding commercial floor waxing frequency.

Location & foot traffic:

One important factor that influences how frequently your commercial floors require to be waxed is foot traffic. High traffic areas mean that the floor is much more expected to get grimier quicker.

Just take into consideration the stone or hardwood floor in your main lobby vs. the same flooring in a conference room. It not just seems much grimier faster but wears down quicker – these areas with more foot traffic require more regular waxing to endure everyday wear & tear.

Floor material:

Another thing to remember while considering how frequently to have your floors waxed is the floor material. Hardwood flooring wears down diversely compared to stone flooring, for instance.

And it’s not quite as straightforward as saying stone vs. wood floors. Numerous flooring varieties have diverse wear rates, which is why it is smart to consider which floorings are getting taken care of & at what times.

Regular maintenance:

Just having your floors waxed on schedule is not adequate to keep them in great shape. If your commercial floors are not cleaned at regular intervals through janitorial services, grime and dirt can get caught between layers of wax.

Contact Terra Cleaning for trusted Floor Stripping and Waxing Services in Morgan Hill. You will be thrilled with the benefit our floor waxing services have to offer. Call us now for an honest floor stripping and waxing quote!

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