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How A Typical Construction Site Cleanup Checklist Looks Like

In Blog  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   March 13, 2019

Even after all of a builder’s sweat & tear have gone into accomplishing a building project, it isn’t over until it is over. Meaning that even after the building has been completed; there is still the cleanup job to reckon with. If you are yet to consider a post construction cleaning service, you mightn’t yet to be aware of simply how much goes into actually closing up shop & cleaning the post-construction site.

Wondering how a general construction site cleanup checklist looks like. Here is a quick look:

General Cleanup:

  • Clean the walls
  • Dust ceilings & ceiling fans
  • Clean window frames, doors and baseboards
  • Vacuum clean carpet
  • Clean & polish floors
  • Wipe down all windows
  • Clear all light fixtures & bulbs
  • Remove & dispose of all garbage

Entry & Exits

  • Sweep & clean porches
  • clean exterior lights & remove excess debris
  • Wash driveway & walkways
  • Clean threshold

Living Room:

  • All surfaces dusted
  • Closets font & inside cleaned
  • Mirrors & Windowsills cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted and/or wiped
  • Carpet floors vacuumed
  • Hard floors vacuumed & damp-moped
  • Trash removed

Kitchen & Bath Room:

  • Vacuum, dust, and clean shelving
  • Clean cabinet doors & tops of cabinets
  • Scrub countertops & backsplashes
  • Clean debris from around sinks & faucets
  • Clean all appliances inside & out
  • Clean toilets & mirrors

These are only a small number of the many jobs that has to be accomplished during a post-construction cleaning. It requires a great deal of effort and experience to do the job thoroughly. The best thing you can do here is hire a professional post-construction cleaning service like Terra Cleaning to do the job. Not just will they’ve the essential resources & experience, they will have the time & energy to clean up everything that you might overlook during your cleaning practice. When you appoint a construction cleaning service, you are putting your money on a team who’ll be thorough, precise, and quite competent with their responsibility. Even a seasoned contractor mayn’t be able to clean to the standard that commercial cleaning firm would.

Whether it is a small home improvement project or a big commercial construction site, appointing pros to get the cleaning done is always a smart idea. Next time you discover yourself inundated by construction clean up needs, you know which service provider to call. Get in touch with Terra Clean at 408.779.4368.

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