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Why Green Cleaning Carries So Much Importance?


In Blog  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   September 15, 2017

Every effort to be eco-friendly may look to have a negligible payoff, but when combined with everybody’s effort, that impact can be considerable. This is why today a lot of businesses & individuals prefer to employ janitorial & cleaning supplies that are environment friendly. Commercial green cleaning products are now accessible in every product group, from laundry detergents to floor products and softeners, to kitchen soaps & towels.

Green Cleaning

Typical cleaning items can feature an array of injurious chemicals. At first look, it does not look like much of a worry; after all, the chemicals will remain on the surfaces they’re mean to clean. However, the reality is quite scary – cleaning chemical leftovers won’t remain strictly on surfaces, but will get into the air & can be absorbed by our skin as well.

The typical cleaning product – be it dish soap, bleach, air-freshener, or an all-purpose cleaner, features hazardous chemicals. Some of these chemicals even known to have cancer causing elements that literally prompt cancer. Some other chemicals may cause damage red blood cells, irritation in eye, headaches, chronic respiratory issues, allergies, and can disturb hormone balance. The list actually goes on.

That is why it’s essential to “go green” even if it’s just for your health’s sake. Simply stated, green products are products that do not contain toxins that are injurious to your health or the environment. Federal laws are presently not in place to push manufacturers to reveal all ingredients employed in the cleaning stuff. But some makers do list some of their constituents, and a little research can reveal which ingredients cause harm.

Why you should opt for Green cleaning in Morgan Hill from Terra Cleaning Service? 

We at Terra Cleaning Service are proud to partner in this effort of protecting our environment through our exceptional green cleaning service. Across the board, we maintain our strong commitment to green cleaning by using only environmentally responsible or sustainable cleaning products. Our guaranteed green cleaning solutions comes equipped with Certified non-toxic cleaning products, HEPA Vacuums, EPA recognized disinfectant, Non-ammonia glass and multi-purpose cleaners, Non-alkaline detergents, Advanced energy saving cleaning equipment and up course our environmentally conscious and knowledgeable staff.

Cleaning is our business. It is what we do (we do a lot of it) and we are really good at it. So why spend time worrying, or doing, something as boring as cleaning? Let us give you the freedom to pursue your dreams, your schedule, your life! Call us now to schedule a Green Clean in Morgan Hill at a hard to believe price.

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