facebook COVID-19: Guidance for Cleaning Office in Morgan Hill

COVID-19: Guidance for Cleaning Office in Morgan Hill

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   August 23, 2020

Once everybody returns to the workplace during amidst COVID-19, we will discover ourselves differently regarding the surfaces and equipment around us, going for a disinfecting wipe where we would never give a second though before.

While it is logical to experience a bit anxious as we come back to the workplace, it is attainable & valuable to keep our common spaces healthy. This workplace cleaning checklist will assist you in collecting the correct materials for your daily routine, institute a thoughtful plan, and put into practice in your workplace with the aid from your crew.

Bring on the appropriate cleaning tools:

Relying on the reason of cleaning (simple cleaning, deep cleaning, or disinfection) you will require a few tools handy:

·         Nitrile gloves

·         Microfiber cloths or paper towel

·         Green cleaning spray

·         Disinfecting wipes, spray or properly dissolved bleach solution

·         Trash bag

·         For disinfection: A rightly rated respirator mask & protective gown

Prepare a workplace safety & health plan:

Make a note of the traffic via specific regions of the workplace, and the manners in which space is utilized.

Go through one area of your office at a time, and clean the high-touch areas:

·         Tables & desks

·         Countertops

·         Chair-backs

·         Doorknobs

·         Light switches

·         Cabinet pulls & handles

Some other high-touch areas in your office that you’d like to clean include:

·         Phones, computer mice, and keyboards

·         Elevator buttons

·         Appliance handles & controls (refrigerator, toaster, oven, dishwasher)

·         Coffee station and coffee/tea service items

·         Bathroom fixtures (toilet handles, faucets, soap and towel dispensers)

·         Packaging & mail tools such as tape guns, letter openers, box cutters

When should you increase your workplace cleaning frequency?

Sometimes you may wish to increase your typical cleaning & disinfection practices. These circumstances include:

·         When an employee goes home sick from a workplace with something communicable.

·         During large-scale events at the workplace: stockholder or board meetings, holiday gatherings, etc.

·         During peak season of influenza.

·         During local outbreaks of communicable illnesses.

Sticking with a regular cleaning & disinfection schedule for the workplace is the best way to maintain the cleanliness of your spaces & the wellbeing of your staff. While no cleaning schedule is one-size-fits-all, regular practice of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas can create a healthy work environment year-around.

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