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COVID-19 FAQ on Sanitation/Cleaning Services

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In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   August 9, 2020

Proper sanitation/cleaning will play a pivotal role especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. During these tough times, retail stores and business facilities must maintain a clean & sanitized facility to make sure the health and well-being of all employees and customers. Listed below are some of the most important FAQs on Covid-19 sanitation/ cleaning services.

What areas must be emphasized for disinfection in non-health care settings?

Disinfection practices are critical to decreasing the possibility for coronavirus contagion in non-healthcare settings, such as at the offices, in the home, gyms, schools, markets, spiritual community centres, publicly accessible buildings, restaurants and other business settings. High-touch surfaces in such a non-healthcare environment must be recognized for priority disinfection such as window and door handles, kitchen & food preparation areas, bathroom surfaces, countertops, taps and toilets, personal computer keyboards, and work surfaces.

Which disinfectants are productive against coronavirus in non-healthcare settings?

In non-healthcare environments, sodium hypochlorite can be employed at a specific proportion of 0.1 per cent. Alcohol at 70 to 90 per cent can also be employed for surface disinfection. Surfaces should be cleaned with soap and water to take off filth, followed by disinfection. Cleaning must always begin from the cleanest region to the dirtiest region to not spread the dirt to regions that are less soiled.

Can employees be present during the cleaning/disinfection process?

Employees can be there during the disinfection procedure, but shouldn’t in the immediate area that’s being cleaned or disinfected. Personnel may re-enter the area following the application, sticking to the guidelines. When fogging, the whole area in question should be vacated for at least 2 hours prior to re-entry.

Is there anything else do I need to prepare?

The cleaner your facility is before the disinfection process, the better, as the disinfectant won’t do its job correctly unless it is used on a clean workplace or facility. Of course, a professional cleaning team like Terra Cleaning will make sure that your surfaces are clean prior to disinfecting them. Moreover, ensure your workers & business associates are aware of when this practice will going to happen, and ask your cleaning service as many questions as feasible to steer clear of confusion & rationalize the project. In these uncertain times, there’s absolutely no room for doubt in regards to who you appoint to keep your commercial facility safe, clean and healthy. Feel free to get in touch with Terra Cleaning if you have any doubts regarding our COVID-19 cleaning-disinfecting services. https://terracleaning.net/

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