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Common House Cleaning Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

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We all are guilty of making some house cleaning mistakes. These mistakes mayn’t seem very obvious, but they do end with an untidy home. To help you, here we’ve shortlisted a few mistakes that you must avoid while doing house cleaning in Seaside.

Not using the appropriate protective gear:

It may look a bit weird to wear protective outfit in your own home, when using chemicals or harsh cleaning solutions, not safeguarding yourself is one of the biggest cleaning errors you can make. Don’t skip on wearing protective goggles, masks and rubber gloves. No doubt a clean house is vital, but so do your health.

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Not following an appropriate cleaning strategy:

This may look unpractical, but there’s a logical way to cleaning things around the home. Now sticking with a proper order could pretty easily waste your time & cleaning products.

Vacuuming in a wrong way:

You must be wondering how is vacuuming even a problem, when we are talking about house cleaning mistakes.

Well, pushing the vacuum head against the closets, walls, etc. is the inappropriate way to vacuum. The appropriate way to clean floor surfaces is putting the vacuum head parallel to the vertical surfaces.

This way, you will not be pushing the dirt beneath the closets or baseboards, but you will be vacuuming it in a more productive way.

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Not cleaning germ hotspots:

How frequently in a day do you switch on your lights? How many times do you touch your water tap or use Television remote? All these small thing are usually ignored. It isn’t uncommon to forget regarding light switches or doorknobs, but sadly, these are germiest spots in your home. It is a huge mistake not to wipe them at least one time a week.

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Using wrong cleaning tools:

Do you know green-backed cleaning sponges are exceedingly abrasive, while white-backed sponges are less rough?

Clearly, employing a green backed cleaning sponge on a ceramic tiled floor will ruin the later. Use a white backed sponge to clean your grill and you will have to put double efforts to accomplish the job!

Always ensure you are making use of the appropriate tools or equipment to clean your house. Inappropriate use of brushes, sponges and even fabrics can have ruinous effects.

If home cleaning is not cup of your tea, you better call a professional Seaside house cleaning service like Terra Cleaning. We have been offering professional House Cleaning in Seaside for over 20 years and will be more than happy to help you with home cleaning needs.

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