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Be Cautious If You Are Using a Lot of Household Cleaning Products

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Today, market is packed with countless household cleaning product brands. Hundreds and thousands of cleaning products are floating in small shops to super markets with bright, colorful packaging and exciting taglines and claims to grab customer attention. Every brand claims how fresh it will smell, how easily it will clean off the stains, or how bright your colors will stay. But, have you ever wondered even with all these claims and although they are cleaning products, why there is always warn of danger lurking around every package.

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Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most of the cleaning products we are using in our homes are unregulated in terms of labeling and testing products. Although, these products are tested to result in producing advertised effects, most of them are rarely tested to rectify their adverse effects on human health.

The Adverse Effects of Chemical Plus Cleaning Products

Most of the cleaning products available in market today contain a huge amount of chemicals known to be highly hazardous if brought into contact with skin, ingested, or simply just breathed in. The quantity of chemicals used in these products is highly uncontrolled and even most of the manufacturers don’t list the complete product contains of their products on the packaging.

These chemicals can easily cause itching, burning, poisoning, respiratory problems, and even a long list of the serious and long term health issues which also includes neurological effects and cancer like life threatening illnesses. Chlorinated Phenols, which is commonly found in toilet and bathroom cleaning products, can seriously affect human circulation and respiratory systems. Another common chemical found in house cleaning products which is Diethylene Glycol, can suppress human nervous system to a serious level.

Home fresheners contain Formaldehyde which is dangerous respiratory irritant. Petroleum solvents and Perchloroethylene can damage mucus membranes, liver and kidney. The list of highly dangerous chemicals present in household cleaning products is a long one.

Use Natural Remedies or Professional Help

The effects of chemical used in cleaning products may not be immediate, but in long term uses they can result is severe consequences for both you and your family, and that’s why precaution is most needed. Do not buy products with complete ingredient list. Use natural or green cleaning product alternatives for your house. Or else, you can simply hire a professional cleaning service providing in your area which uses green and environment friendly products to complete their cleaning chores.

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