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6 Dusting Mistakes to Avoid During House Cleaning

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   June 14, 2019

Dusting is perhaps the most basic part of house cleaning. Though it looks to be one of the simplest tasks to do but that does not stop most homeowners from making several mistakes when they dust. Sadly, there’re so many easy-to-make mistakes that most home owners commit daily while dusting their houses.

Be smart and try to avoid these below listed common dusting mistakes when cleaning your house.

Only dusting items that are reachable:

Being human beings, we are always on the look for shortcuts. And when cleaning home, the most tempting shortcut can be to avoid difficult-to-reach regions – places such as molding, ceiling corners, ceiling fan blades, the top of bookshelves, and other sites where you’ve to use a ladder or stool to reach. Skipping out these sites lets filth in these regions to re-enter the air & fall on other spots in your house.

Not dusting fans and heating vents:

Air conditioners, electric fans and heating systems are dust magnets, if the vents and grates are not dusted in regular interval, these appliances will blow dirt into your home’s indoor air. So, ensure you take your time vacuum them & wipe them down.

Picking outmoded dusting material:

So many home owners depend on outdated dusting tools that either put dirt directly back into the air or fall short to detain dust compounds. At Terra Cleaning, our professional house cleaners use microfiber material since they are proven to catch dirt at a higher percentage.

Not using furniture polish properly:

When you spray furniture polish directly onto timber, it is likely to produce a sticky build-up that is ideal for accumulating dirt. Ignore this by spraying furniture polish onto a cloth or rag first, then using this to polish the items.

Re-using cleaning fabrics:

When you use the same duster or fabric in all areas of your house, you’re actually easily spreading bacteria from kitchen and bathroom into different regions. The professional house cleaners at Terra Cleaning avoid this by color coding their cleaning fabrics based on the rooms they are used in. by doing so, they never bring bacteria from one room into the other.

Filthy vacuum filters:

Vacuuming & dusting go side by side, but a filthy vacuum filter can actually reintroduce dirt into your home’s air. Ensure you know how frequently the filter of your vacuum should be changed, and avoid allowing dirt accumulate in your vacuum.

Dusting is easy when you hire service provider like Terra Cleaning. Call us now to find out how our professional house cleaners can help you with dusting your home in the proper way. We promise to deliver you the most affordable house cleaning quote out there.

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