facebook 3 Vital Vacation Rental Checklists You Must Do As a Owner

3 Vital Vacation Rental Checklists You Must Do As The Owner

In Blog  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   September 8, 2018

The dishwasher is filled with dirty dishes! The air-conditioning left off on a 95-degree day! The previous guest’s damp sweatshirt hung up in a cabinet to dry!

If you don’t have a checklist for your vacation rental property, your customers are likely to face these sorts of issues when they first enter into your property.

Even when your vacation rental cleaning in San Martin usually does a great job, it is easy to overlook a small task here & there, especially when the issue is not instantly evident to someone taking a last look around the room to make sure it is clean.

A well-planned checklist assist you avoid common human error & the bad reviews that unavoidably follow an unwanted surprise in your vacation rental. We have discussed here a free checklist that you can use to get good reviews for your vacation rental.

Cleaning checklist:

Vacation rental customers are habituated to compensating a cleaning fee for a specialist cleaning service, but that fee means your clients are heavily invested in entering into the hygiene house they paid for.

Make sure each cleaning is meticulous even in the areas you cannot see easily by offering your cleaning service with a comprehensive checklist.

Pre-Stay Checklist:

Prior to every guest checks in, somebody at your vacation rental property must do a short pre-stay walkthrough of your property. That person could be yourself or a professional service provider. The most important thing is that the walkthrough must be performed on the day of your customer’s arrival.

Nonetheless, a pre-stay walkthrough checklist makes sure that nothing has occurred to your property between the customer’s check in time & the last cleaning. For instance, if the plumbing backed up the prior night or the gas light has burned out in the stove, that isn’t a surprise you wish waiting for your customers.

Post-Stay Checklist:

Do a post-stay walkthrough to make sure your vacation rental property hasn’t been damaged during the course of the customer’s stay. It can be very tough to get compensation from the customer or your insurance service if you don’t discern the damage until well after your customers leave.

A post-stay checklist is in fact quite similar as your pre-stay checklist, for example checking the appliances & electronics all function appropriately. Since you’ve a pre-stay checklist that says the stove was functioning when the guests checked in, for instance, you will know that the broken stove was caused during the customer’s stay & not a pre-existing issue.

Also, your post-stay checklist will offer you ample time to sort out the problem prior to your next guest’s arrival.

Every vacation rental property is going to have an issue now & then, but these above-mentioned checklist will make sure you observe the problem long before your customers does – and that is really important.

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