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1 Hour Super Speedy Home Cleaning Tips by Pros

In Blog, Cleaning Service  / By   Mike  / Posted Date   February 13, 2018

Going to have some company and your house is a complete mess? Or you just want a quick checklist to be assured that all your house chores should get completed as quickly as possible. Well, here is a list complete house cleaning chores from start to end for working professionals, students and busy individuals who don’t have enough of their time rearrange, clean and enjoy a comfy stay after a rush day.

Always Start from the Top

One of the crucial things to remember during house cleaning is to always start from the top so that dust and dirt from higher surfaces should fall on lower surfaces that have to be cleaned next. For example, start cleaning from the ceiling fans, then furniture, and finally the floors to wipe out the dirt and dust completely.

6 Minute Bedroom Rule

Strip the linens of your bedroom and remake the beds. Use one hand to lift the corner of the sheet while tucking the sheet with the other hand. Clear the clutter in a spare bin or basket for later to be organized and keep it in a closet. Use a microfiber cloth and dusting spray to wipe out the floor finally.

Next Comes Bathroom

Make a quick trip around all the bathrooms. Clear the bathroom counters. Spray the tubs and counters with cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit down for a while you clean toilets and the outer surface. Then go back to wipe down counters and finally clean the mirrors.

Dining & Living Time

Clear all the clutter from the start. Apply the same top to bottom dust cleaning process. Use vacuum with an upholstery attachment to clean the furniture. After that vacuum dining and living floors with all house carpeting as the last step.

Here Comes the Kitchen

Fill the kitchen sink with hot soapy water and load all the dirty dishes into your dishwasher. Remove the burner pieces and clean them. Next step, clear the kitchen counters. Wipe down counters, cabinets and all other surfaces of kitchen with a hot water dunk sponge. It will clear all the dirt from them. Follow the same procedure with all kitchen appliances. Replace the stove pieces and finish with cleaning the floors.

House Floor

Vacuum hard floors, don’t sweep. It will save lots of your time. Use a vacuum attachment to get pet hair and dust from the corners. This will help your quickly settle all the dusts and prevent kicking dust into the air. Hardwood floor cleaners or steam mops also make hard surface cleaning much easier and faster.

So, next time when you are short on time and want to enjoy a clean, hygiene house with family and friends, just follow our 1 hour rule. Or, you can simply call Terra Cleaning Services at 408.779.4368 to get expert house cleaning services right at your door step.

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