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With over seven years of experience in the industry, Terra Janitorial strives to provide you with the most effective janitorial services in Morgan Hill. Our use of modern equipment and technology allows us to achieve sparkling germ-free results within a short period of time. Our efficient and methodical attention to detail makes us one of the leading cleaning agencies in Morgan Hill.

We offer customized cleaning plans and schedules for your Machine facility

Finding a cleaning company in Morgan Hill that works in accordance to your agenda is hard to come by. We customize our program to fit your needs. Terra Janitorial Services prioritizes clients like yourself. We go out of our way to get to know your facility and cleaning needs.

If you’re looking to hire professional cleaners for your business, Terra Janitorial will provide you with superior quality at affordable rates while working within your preferred timeframe.

We work with various manufacturing companies

Terra Janitorial services works together with countless manufacturing companies in Morgan Hill. From machine shops and sheet metal fabrication to machine assembly services.

Our efficient and professionally trained janitorial technicians are specialized in commercial and industrial cleaning. We can help you with just about anything! From entrance glass and restroom sanitization to appliance cleaning, graffiti removal and more.

When is it time to hire a professional cleaning service?

If your Morgan Hill warehouse has dirty floors, cobwebbed ceilings and sticky/dusty surfaces, then it may be time to hire Terra Janitorial. Smaller businesses tend to keep things ‘small’ and don’t realize the importance of hiring a janitorial service. This can cause unnecessary conflict in your workplace because you will end up spending more time cleaning up after your employees than earning money.

Keep your work area safe

Another reason you should hire a professional cleanup crew has to do with safety. A lot of companies do not have the proper cleaning equipment and don’t bother with sterilizing tools and appliances. Which is understandable, especially if cleaning up is not part of the job description. This, however is unsanitary and will cause your business major harm. Even if you are extra careful and clean up thoroughly; there are plenty of hard to reach and easy to miss areas within your factory. These spots are the perfect breeding ground for pests, bacteria and other safety hazards.

Prevent injury, loss and liability

If you are not maintaining a clean work facility you are risking a production shut down. This would create serious losses and would affect your business quite negatively. You could be liable for product recalls, brand damage and even law suits.

You’ll save money if you contact us today

Terra Janitorial comes prepared with supplies so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on products. We also have a communications log so that we can keep you up to date on the work we do. You won’t need to worry about extra costs for hours/labor not completed. We track everything! Contact us today if you want a customized, licensed, bonded and insured cleaning service that’ll leave your workplace clean, safe and germ free!

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